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2017-10-31 14:36  

Prof. Rong Zhang form Anhui University of Agriculture.

Research Area:Environmental chemical pollution and controlling

Research experience:
    2015-2016 Visiting Scholar. School of Plant, soil, Environment. Louisiana State University, U.S
    2012-2013 Visiting Scholar. School of Chemistry and Material Science. University of Science and Technology of
    2003~    School of Resources and Environment, Anhui University of Agriculture
    Mechanic of tea polyphenol influencing Chlorpyrifos degradation in water. Principle Investigator. Sponsored by
    Natural Science Foundation of Anhui Province, 2012-2014
    Investigation of PFOS in Chaohu Lake and its risk assessment in drinking water. Principle Investigator. Sponsored
    by  University Nature Science Foundation of Anhui   Province, 2009-2011
    Mechanic of surface photolysis of Chlorothalonil applied frequently in plastic house and greenhouse.. Cooperator.
    Sponsored by National Nature Science Foundation of        China, 2010-2012
Other  experience:
    Head of Department of Environmental Science. Anhui University of Agriculture, 2009 -2016
    Vice-Chair of Observing and Testing Centre of Agricultural Environment (Hefei). Ministry of Agriculture of the
    People’s Republic China, 2012-present
Papers & Patents:
    1. A method of using tea extract as a Chlorpyrifos treatment agent in water (Patent, 2014)
    2. A new reagent and method for stabilizing and promoting the oxidation resistance of
    EGCG in the aqueous solution (Patent, 2016)
    3. Study on the effect of the small organic molecular species and ions on the photo-induced
   ROS in the water, 2016, Journal of Safety and Environment, 16(3) : 246-251
    4. Investigation on PFOS in Chaohu Lake and its risk assessment on drinking water, 2012,
    Journal of Anhui Agricultural University, 39(1): 92-96.
    5. Investigation of heavy metals contained in sewage sludge from municipal wastewater
    treatment plants of five cities and evaluation on their potential ecological risks on
    agricultural utilization, 2012, Journal of Anhui Agricultural University, 39(2): 280-285.