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2017-11-02 10:23  

Prof Youxi Yan form Qinzhou University

Research Area:Structural testing reinforcement、Ocean and inland river ecosystem restoration techniques.

Research experience:
Prof.Yan Youxi, male, born in 1969, M.S, National Registered Consultant Engineer. He served in local architectural design institute, engineering construction supervision company, urban and rural construction bureau and other enterprises as dean, general manager and chief engineer for a few years. During that period, he conducted nearly 100 projects as PI. In August 2008, he was recruited as distinguished expert by Quzhou University, Zhejiang Province. Since April 2014 he began to work in Qinzhou          University (QZU), Guangxi. He is the present dean of the Architecture and Engineering and director of the structural health monitoring research
His research interests include construction and civil engineering, urban and rural planning, water conservancy, structural testing and reinforcement, marine and river ecological environment restoration techniques, construction and structural design, engineering supervision and other related areas.
He was director of Gansu Province Building Survey and Design Association, Gansu Provincial Construction Supervision Association and consultancy expert of public institution of the Quzhou City (Zhejiang Province). Presently, he works as member of pools of science and technical experts, pool of evaluation experts of Qinzhou Land and Resources projects, hydraulic projects and soil and water conservation projects. He is member of the Academic Committees of QZU, editorial advisory board member of Journal of Qinzhou University, and distinguished researchers of QZU (Level 3). 
He won the Gansu Provincial Construction Engineering FeiTian Award for 3 times, one provincial Outstanding Design Award and local governmental Science and Technology Progress Awards (second prizes) for two times. He has published more than 20 research papers and a civil textbook. In 2016, he applied for four patents and two was licensed.