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2017-11-06 08:42  

A.Prof Xueyang Zhang form Xuzhou University of Technology, College of Environmental Engineering

Research Area:Air pollution control

Research experience:
My research mainly lies in air quality and environmental sustainability. It spans a band range of topics including air pollution detection, nitrous oxides control, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) control, and the production and application of biochar. Most of my research is interdisciplinary and experimental investigations. Recently, my research focus on the application of carbon material on VOCs adsorption. The following two selected papers may be interesting for peers.
Xueyang Zhang, Bin Gao, Yulin Zheng, Xin Hu, Anne Elise Creamer, Michael Annable, Yuncong Li. Biochar for volatile organic compound (VOC) removal: Sorption performance and governing mechanisms. Bioresource Technology, 2017,245:606-614.
Xueyang Zhang, Bin Gao, Anne Elise Creamer, Chengcheng Cao, Yuncong Li. Adsorption of VOCs onto engineered carbon materials: A review. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2017,338:102-123.