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2017-11-10 13:50  

prof.Weixiang Cui from Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, PetroChina

Research Area:Oil field development;Waterless stimulation research

Research experience:
Cui Weixiang, master, senior engineer, graduated from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) in 2006. She has been engaged in oilfield development for many years. Mainly engaged in the research and application of fracturing, acidification, oilfield chemistry and oil production engineering. Participated many major science and technology projects such as the "11th &12th Five-Year" national tight oil major science and technology projects, the National oil development Project and. The research involves new product development of fracturing and acidification, the establishment of new method of fracturing and acidification, domestic sandstone reservoir optimization and fracturing application research. She is the first one to carry out LPG/CO2 hydraulic fracturing fluid research and development technology research in China, created a precedent for waterless fracturing technology.
In the past two years, she is mainly responsible for CNPC Overseas Oil Field Development Projects, including in Middle East & Central Asia.